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A J Wells & Sons are the oldest British manufacturers of wood-burning stoves. We have had the pleasure of working with them over the past two years on dozens of videos, including; product showcases, online events, marketing campaigns and videos for dealers to play in showrooms.

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In approaching the video projects for A J Wells & Sons, Charnwood and Vlaze, the most important aspect were to ensure the unique selling points are captured and shown off. In turn, this makes the video engaging and captures the attention of the viewer.

A really special aspect of the videos is the location element. Making sure that not only the product is captured but also the environment is vital in making the product accessible, and also encapsulating the emotion of how the product is supposed to feel in its surroundings; cosy, powerful, warm, inviting, etc.

Having worked closely with Charnwood for nearly two years, the collaborative video process is pretty straightforward. Firstly a location is determined in line with a product that is due to be launched or has already been launched, and we work with the team to primarily ensure every key aspect of the product is captured, and then we get to be creative.

The nature of the products allows for some dynamic shots, showcasing the unique elements of the ranges that Charnwood stock. The end products are regularly used as marketing materials for over 400 dealers across the world.

Like the majority of businesses during 2020, the challenges allowed the company to be innovative in regards to how they showcased their products; with the virus removing the traditional methods. On review of their branding strategy, the implementation of film and photo played a huge part in how they planned to go forward. The payoff of this has been huge as their customer base has got used to making major purchasing decisions online, and the use of high-quality video content has been able to support these significantly.

Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive across the board, and Charnwood and Vlaze have made a firm commitment to not only continue with video content for the foreseeable future but also have made the decision to increase their spending and video frequency year on year; understanding the value of video content to support their product range.

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It has been quite exciting because we don't work with many outside agencies, and so there was a new energy, a new perspective and I think NOSY just got us, they understood us, took their time to understand our needs.

- Ced Wells, Marketing Director

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