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A new website for the Association of Photographers Awards.

AOP Awards web designAOP Awards web design

The Association of Photographers approached NOSY with the request to create a completely new website for both their Annual Awards and the recurring 'Open Projects'.

The AOP were keen that the imagery on the new website would take pride of place using the maximum amount of screen whilst being utilised in an editorial way as opposed to simply like a featured gallery image. Navigation had to be minimal and immediately easy to use and the flow between the various pages had to provide the most pleasurable user journey possible.

aop web designaop web design


Working for an established association like the AOP with more than 50 years of heritage we had to look to create something that both complemented the existing AOP branding whilst moving the Association forward with a more contemporary look and feel. When we were approached by the AOP to work on their new AOP Awards Website we were given pretty free reign on what we were allowed to do. The main concern from the AOP was that they felt that they needed to make a marked departure from their main, very corporate, text-heavy corporate website. From our perspective, it was apparent that we needed to make the focal point of their new website all of the images!

Our Approach

We knew that our focus was on the amazing imagery that the AOP members created and so the simplicity of design and clarity of navigation was key to our recommendations and designs.

By off-setting large images to either the right or the left of the screen, this created an editorial fee to the page interspersing text makes a natural and pleasurable journey through the content on each page and was also a reference to the truncated nature of the existing AOP logo.

The Hamburger menu is simple to use and immediately understandable with an intuitive list of contents scrolling on the left-hand side.

We decided to go for a simple WordPress platform for this site and used Elementor for the CMS, which allows easy updating of content for the small team at the AOP self manage.

aop awards website development aop awards website development


AOP Awards




Arts (Trade Association Not-for-profit)

The AOP Awards site is an amazing leap forward in the way we present our photography to the creative community

- David Harrigan, AOP

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