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Combining three websites into one cohesive design.

real employment law web designreal employment law web design
Of users visited the website in 90 days, estimated 50% increase
Posts and pages combined from 3 websites into the new one

By designing an easy-to-understand website, NOSY have unified Real Employment Law Advice’s brand presence and simplified the user experience.

real employment law web design and developmentreal employment law web design and development


Real Employment Law Advice is an established and well-respected source for Employment & Legal information. Founded by Alison Colley in 2013, RELA has grown to become one of the go-to sites for HR & Employment law advice. With 3 offices and a broad library of articles, podcasts and other informational materials, RELA has a lot to offer.

While business growth has been fantastic – Alison approached NOSY to help streamline the customer experience. Our deep-dive of the journey identified core hurdles. Namely, the 3 brick and mortar locations all had individual websites, with articles and links leading to the pages from one of the other sites.

Our Approach

Nosy suggested combining the 3 websites into 1 cohesive library of information, affording Alison and RELA a singular point of reference for blogs, articles and podcasts. This way, we could ensure global consistency with design choices as the 3 websites on offer had not been maintained or modernised. Merging the sites would also stop the audience fragmenting, improving retention and pushing the site up on search engines.

During the process of re-categorising the content library, we also updated the SEO terms for 42 pages, 373 posts and 153 podcasts. Further to this, NOSY undertook competitor analysis of numerous companies across the UK. The content has been specifically optimised meaning that there are many articles ranking highly on Google, with numerous number one positions.

The Solution

A fractured web presence and a muddled customer journey were streamlined and re-packaged into a uniformed and easy-to-navigate website. Prioritising the customer journey with heat maps and ensuring key and relevant information was on that path, website retention increased, as did the organic traffic to the library and enquiry page.

With a healthy working relationship and both companies being island-based, RELA and NOSY have worked closely in recent years. When it came time to build a site optimised for the web, NOSY built and continues to evolve its site to support both employers and employees. To further support those requiring services from REAL, a series of videos were also produced to share a wealth of free advice on their YouTube channel.

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real employment law advice web designreal employment law advice web design


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We now have an amazing looking site but most importantly a brilliant catalogue and search function to make it easy to find the resources you need.

- Alison Colley, Founder Real Employment Law Advice

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