Willowbrook Hospice

Maximising online presence with a fresh new look.

Willowbrook Hospice is at the heart of the community of St Helens and Knowsley. The past year had been one of the most challenging periods in the history of the organisation but the hospice continued to evolve and adapt with a vision of maximising its online presence and commercial revenue through digital marketing. This project involved all departments within NOSY to bring this to life.

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When it came to this project, NOSY took a people-centered approach. We were aware that the collateral outcome would need to successfully and sympathetically communicate its services. The ultimate goal was to empower and inspire the local community to support Willowbrook.

The outcomes of the project were a refined logo, updated photography, a series of emotive and factual videography to spread awareness as well as a modern user-friendly site.

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Willowbrook Hospice




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Georgina Selway

Laurence Montalbo

Alex Benbow-Carter

Aaron Bentley

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