NOSY is now Living Wage Accredited

Coping with the costs of living and supporting our team and suppliers.

April TurnerApril Turner

April Turner, 31 August, 2022


From August we’re officially a Living Wage Accredited business, we are one of nearly 9000 employers across the UK who have proudly committed to pay a real Living Wage to our staff and suppliers.



The cost of living is ever-increasing, and it's now causing financial strain on many people. Our team is our business and we couldn't succeed without them, we believe their hard work deserves nothing less than fair pay. By being a part of the Living Wage, we can attract more talent, inspire other businesses to become accredited and most importantly support our team.

A recent survey was carried out with 800 accredited businesses and the results were...

  • Enhanced the organization’s reputation as an employer by 86%
  • Differentiated the organization from others in the same industry by 64%
  • Improved relations between staff and managers 58%
  • Increased commitment and motivation of Living Wage employees 57%
  • Improved recruitment of employees into jobs covered by the Living Wage 53%

(Source: Living Wage Foundation)


The real Living Wage rates are higher than the living wage set by the UK government because they are independently calculated based on what people need to get by. The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid.

You can find all Living Accredited businesses on this interactive map:

In addition to being certified, we introduced health plans for all staff including everyone's children to help reduce the financial strain on our team and their families. The benefit of this plan is not only the cover it provides but also access rewards for exclusive discounts and offers to 1000 leading online and high street retailers.

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