Environmental policy

Last Reviewed: 04/08/2022

Sustainability Development - Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Environmental issues are at the forefront of NOSY, we are committed to becoming more sustainable by reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. We aim to conduct our operations with minimal impact on the environment. We’ve set objectives and targets in order to improve our environmental performance which is regularly reviewed.  Our clients, team members, suppliers and our network all want to know that WE are doing the right thing for our planet.

We aim to be transparent.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

After an internal discussion, we’ve been able to implement an environmental management system.  We’ve now set targets for 2022 to help reduce our carbon footprint based on our EMS policy,  this will be monitored and regularly checked to ensure we are on the right track to hitting our targets. All team members are made aware of our impact as a business and ways we can help reduce it.

2022 Targets

  • Lower energy use by 15%.
  • Reduce waste generation by 10%.
  • Reduce water usage by 5%.
  • Printing when only absolutely necessary, and using only recyclable materials when we do.
  • Become 12-month climate positive with Ecologi.
  • Using only eco-friendly cleaning products. Recycled, plant-based, zero plastic, refillable/bulk purchase.
  • Achieve Gold Green Impact Award.
  • Plant 2,000 Trees.
  • Promote and encourage involvement in local environmental initiatives/schemes.
  • Identify and provide appropriate training, advice and information for staff and encourage them to develop new ideas and initiatives.

Green Impact

Green Impact is a sustainability and social responsibility engagement and awards scheme designed to support businesses across the Isle of Wight to improve their environmental performance and reduce operational costs, whilst making the Island a cleaner, greener and more attractive place to live, work, and do business. The Green Impact toolkit supports organisations to take simple, tangible actions, which help them to become more eco-friendly, ethical and environmentally aware.

Rubbish Networking

Rubbish Networking was launched in February 2022, which involves both connecting with the local community and the environment. Essentially it’s a networking litter picking event which is open to anyone, it’s held every 2 months in a different location across the island. Little actions create a big impact, each event is increasing in numbers and inspiring people to get involved in the community.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time to plant a tree is now. Since January, we’ve been offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees and investing in renewable technology via Ecologi. Our aim is to plant 2,000 trees by the end of 2022.


In August 2020 we introduced recycling to Nosy as the waste we were producing was mainly from packaging. Since introducing recycling we’ve been able to prevent approx 43 black bags of recycled materials from ending up in a landfill.

We are continuously looking into ways to reduce our waste:

  • Only buy products with a clear description of how it’s packaged.
  • Encourage staff to make their own lunches rather than purchasing shop meal deals.
  • Buy 2nd hand equipment/furniture to prevent unnecessary packaging.
  • Only buy what we need.
  • Look for alternative products with a longer life/more environmentally friendly.
  • Reduce plastic by using eco bin bags.


Our office is centrally located on the island with great public transport links and a cycle track behind the office (Cowes to Newport). Where possible we encourage our team to walk, cycle, car share and use public transport. This enables us to reduce congestion, helps create cleaner air, improves mental health and creates little to no impact on the environment.  We offer the Cycle2Work scheme to our team members and offer a safe place to store bikes during the day. We also promote video/phone conferencing rather than travelling to meetings.

Clients and suppliers

We work with clients who share the same values as us, we work with predominantly sustainability tech companies and companies who aim to better the community in some way, this includes schools, universities and local councils.