NOSY shortlisted for Wilder Business of the Year Award

This award is open to businesses within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight that have proactively supported the Wildlife Trust’s vision of a Wilder Future. Helping wildlife, encouraging others and engaging with the community to support conservation.

April TurnerApril Turner

April Turner, 16 August, 2023

NOSY Wilder Business of the Year 2023 NominationNOSY Wilder Business of the Year 2023 Nomination

We’re excited to announce NOSY has been shortlisted for the Wilder Business of the Year Award.

So what has NOSY been doing?


This year we partnered with the Wildlife Trust via 1% for the Planet to support them on their journey to help the Isle of Wight become a wilder place. In the past year we have donated, fundraised, volunteered and offered our services for free to help spread awareness and help engage with the local community. We have committed to donate a minimum of 1% of our income to the Trust and hope that this will encourage others to do the same for their business.

Volunteering is at the heart of NOSY's commitment to wildlife conservation and recently carried out half a day volunteering with the team Balsam pulling Its rapid growth and dense stands along riverbanks displace native plants, reducing biodiversity, threatening wildlife and causing soil erosion. By tackling this issue, we hope to prevent the spread and growth of the plant, making it more manageable and eventually eradicate it from the area. By removing this invasive plant, the native plants and wildlife are able to thrive.


Recognizing the importance of financial support, we set off with a team challenge called Walk for Wildlife, the team collectively walked over 1,430 to raise money and awareness. Not only did this help generate a small amount of funds but helped the team connect to nature.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve hosted litter picking events called Rubbish Networking, the idea came into fruition whilst we were taking our lunch time walks along the riverside, we noticed an abundance of rubbish which we ended up cleaning. The idea to support our natural environment whilst engaging the local community came into play and shortly after we launched Rubbish Networking, encouraging other individuals and businesses to care for their community spaces. We have 2 more this year, if you’d like to get involved please visit here.


Every year our  team members are given wildflower and vegetable seeds to plant in their gardens to encourage wildlife. The population of pollinators is in decline but we can all do our part in helping create small havens in our gardens including wild flowers, bees bug hotels, ponds, bird feeders and boxes. On top of that, we encourage all our team members to participate in scientific surveys to capture data on bees, bugs and birds in their gardens. This data is so important in monitoring populations and also gives information on how climate change is affecting them.


For 2 years, NOSY has sponsored a local beehive, bees are essential for biodiversity and food production. We've been creating informative videos on bees alongside Chris from Bunbury Bees to highlight the significance of supporting and nurturing these tiny yet vital creatures. We encourage other businesses and individuals to embark on similar bee sponsorship programs to protect our ecosystems, you can find more information here.


In the past year we have been carrying out eco workshops, which includes team environmental training and practical sessions related to the environment. From discussing Scope 1-3 emissions and digital sustainability, to building bee boxes and creating home-gardens.

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