Bunbury Bees

Media production for low-impact honey farming company

This video promo showcased the work of Bunbury Bees, a small team that is supplying customers with local raw honey from the Isle Of Wight. With a genuine passion for the craft and low-impact farming techniques, their respectful care for bees and honey shines through in their collection of unique flavours.

Along with an array of delicious products, Bunbury Bees also offer exciting and educational beekeeping experiences. These hands-on workshops allow teams to learn from years of knowledge, whilst also getting stuck in and learning the importance of bees within our ecosystem.


It was clear to us that Bunbury Bees were not only looking to promote their products but to also showcase their direct-to-customer business model and sponsorship opportunities. Their objective was to increase their customer base, raise awareness of their offerings, and gain more support from local businesses.

Our Approach

To tackle this, we took a short-form video promo approach that would combine an informative interview with buzzing visuals. We wanted to capture the intrigue of viewers, raising interest in sponsorship opportunities whilst creating a hunger for the delicious and cared-for local products that Bunbury Bees offer.

The Solution

Our videographer Laurence took lead on the project, independently shooting and editing the video. Suited up in the provided beekeeping gear, he was equipped with a handheld gimbal-mounted camera setup, with the goal of capturing a leading interview and accompanying B-roll. Besides a brief flurry of rain, the clear sky and sunshine provided a warming ambience for the shoot to commence.

After capturing the core interview, action instances were filmed including interaction with the hives, farming equipment, product shots, and a personal customer delivery mock-up. Laurence gathered the needed visuals, leaving the site with only a single bee sting. Following this, the editing process began and the interview was spliced to fit the 90-120 second mark. Once the narrative was structured, accompanying visuals were overlaid. Colour correction and grading were then applied to the timeline of clips, and any requested graphics/client info was incorporated. After obtaining client feedback, any last adjustments were made, and the final video was delivered packaged along with an embedded subtitled version and caption file. The client was very happy with the video and the promo was received well.

We even ended up visiting Bunbury Bees as a team to experience what the video highlighted, and we had the opportunity to sponsor our very own NOSY hive!



Bunbury Bees




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