We exist to inspire a positive impact.

Nosy Team socialising in room oneNosy Team socialising in room one

NOSY is a Creative Agency, with a specific focus on Branding, Websites, Video Production and Campaigns.

What sets us apart is our focus.

We aim to work with companies whose business models are purpose-driven. Be it wildlife conservation, renewable energy, sustainable transport, research, eco software or other sectors that help us to have a future.

We also aim to live up to this in our own operations. NOSY monitors and reduces our environmental impact. Continuously learning and challenging ourselves to improve.

And we put money where our mouth is, donating 1% of our revenue to environmental causes and participating in schemes like Ecologi's climate action workforce.

Together, we can make a difference.

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As a team, we never stop learning and evolving. We support each other without judgement. Encouraging creativity, free-speech and personal growth.

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and of course,
we love our work


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