Aaron Bentley

Senior Developer

Having joined the team at a crazy time in the world back in November 2020, Aaron has been working as a Senior Developer at NOSY building awesome front-end experiences to meet customer requirements and client business goals.

Aaron loves creating interfaces using modern client-server architectures to build fast, secure digital experiences and applications. NOSY enables Aaron to be creatively free with the resources to design technical solutions to clients business challenges, using the latest and greatest frameworks and technology.

Aaron’s adoration for software development goes all the way back to writing BASIC on a hand-me-down ZX Spectrum as a kid, over half a lifetime ago. 

After graduating from Southampton Solent back in 2005, before YouTube was a thing and MSN Messenger was the height of communication, Aaron began a full time position as a Junior Software Developer building websites for SMEs and larger national companies. 

Aaron’s skills were really utilised in his next role at the IOW College where he worked as their in-house Software Developer, a role that had a healthy mix of website and app builds, with a good dose of digital marketing mixed in.

Outside of work hours, Aaron loves spending time with his wife Eva and two wonderful daughters Lexi and Maddi, as well as their two cats Koshka and Cookie. He has a penchant for cooking, growing strawberries, playing Halo, 80s action movies, listening to podcasts and studying up on the latest web trends and developments.

Aaron’s current side project has been keeping him busy for the past few months. Using bleeding-edge technologies and style systems, SoopaNova is the fastest (and prettiest) way to access Xbox media.

Aaron is always keen and working to progress his skills and learn something new everyday.

Aaron Bentley

Senior Developer

Aaron BentleyAaron Bentley


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