From F1, to aerodynamic wind blade innovation

Across 2021 and 2022, we collaborated with Innovate UK EDGE and were tasked with creating a series of videos. Each episode showcased an early-stage company that had benefited from the scheme.

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“Innovate UK EDGE is a key part of the UK innovation agency’s investment in the innovative businesses that drive economic growth”

Working closely with leadership teams, their goal is to create conditions that allow each business to succeed and bring the benefits of their innovation to a worldwide audience. Our goal was to create a series of 3-5 minute documentary styled ‘success story’ videos, that boosted awareness of Innovate UK EDGE and the ways in which they can help businesses at no cost. This particular episode shared the story between Anakata and their innovation and growth advisor.

Our Approach

Originating from outstanding Formula 1 engineering, Anakata has brought its aerodynamic innovation to the wind power industry. With the aim of improving wind turbine blade energy production and industry efficiency, they’ve quickly become leaders in their field.

Founded over ten years ago, Anakata has built an extensive level of expertise that they’re using to optimise the production of clean energy. With superior blade upgrade technology and experience in wind industry hardware and services, the team is taking action today to help solve the climate crisis.

Our aim was to showcase the fantastic innovation and values at the heart of Anakata, exploring the story of the company whilst covering the assistance given by their Innovate UK EDGE advisor.

The Solution

In this episode, we again applied the same multicam interview approach to add coherence to the video collection. We interviewed CTO & Founder Ben Wood, along with Craig Gordon, the advisor from Innovate UK EDGE.

Following the interviews, we captured footage of the dynamic Anakata workspace, following employees and illustrating the equipment and processes involved in a day on site. This would then later be used in post-production as accompanying B-roll content to add some visual dynamics and relevant material to the topics discussed.

Once gathered, the footage was then put through our edit process, with the interviews being cut and structured to the required duration, whilst still maintaining a narrative flow. Additional content such as photography of the company's products was then integrated, along with the B-roll material that explored the workspace, and Ben and Craig’s meetings in action. Colouring and sound design then took place, and any required branding and graphics were added.

For final delivery, the full video was packaged with shorter excerpts to function as social media teasers. The video presented a balance of the company’s message and its funding story, and all parties were very pleased with the final outcome.







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