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Create a unique site and artist journey documentary for Boojum & Snark.

Boojum & Snark website design and developmentBoojum & Snark website design and development

By designing a simple yet striking website, NOSY have created a window into the world of Boojum & Snark, telling the story of, and the importance of art and history to, their brand. NOSY have also produced a video to follow the journey of a local artist, creating a reflective documentary and exploration of the works; Foible & Folly.

Burnt Copper


Dark Void


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With the primary intention of both adding to and highlighting the importance of the regeneration of Sandown town and sustainable business, Boojum & Snark operate a micro-brewery and craft beer tap room on the High Street.

Within their shop front, Boojum & Snark also house a small gallery with emphasis on local artists and their art, encapsulating the history and culture of the coastal town, while reconnecting that with the community of the present day.

Boojum & Snark approached NOSY to redevelop the existing website using current content in a new format. The website needed to portray the excitement and distinct character of their offering, and do the brand justice, directing visitors to their booking suite and the resources around their projects.

Additionally, NOSY were asked to produce a documentary video for the arts project ‘Foible & Folly’. This video needed to tell the story of the creation of an exhibition by Lauren Fry, to be housed in Boojum & Snark’s gallery; embedding the significance of Sandown history within Lauren’s work.

Our Approach

Whilst the site would include information about Boojum & Snark’s projects and their values, the primary call to action needed to be to direct visitors to plan a visit through their external booking platform. Therefore, the site created needed to work as a visual calling card with the company information, ethos and history, and a link to this booking suite.

As storytellers, NOSY recognised the importance of capturing the whimsy of Boojum & Snark, authentically portraying their brand and its fundamental routes within Sandown.

Additionally, these same values were applied when preparing for the Foible & Folly video. A large part of Lauren's art was informed by historical headlines and archival anecdotes and, subsequently, unlike a lot of NOSY’s product videos and professional videos, this project allowed for a completely creative and dynamic approach.

The Solution

With both the Boojum & Snark website and the video documentary, the focus on narrative and the importance of chronicling the stories of the past were paramount.

NOSY successfully portrayed the journey of Lauren Fry and the creation of her exhibition intercut with quirky newspaper cuttings, bold quotes, and animations. Lauren’s personal narrative was supported by poems and music by local artists, seamlessly combining both the past with the present.

The final site perfectly meets the simple initial brief and displays the flare and originality of Boojum & Snark. The design of the site is cohesive and immediately tells the story of the brand, and effectively shares information about who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

Boojum & Snark web designBoojum & Snark web designboojum snark designboojum snark design
Boojum & Snark art workBoojum & Snark art work


Boojum & Snark





Despite delays in project completion due to the constraints of the pandemic, the working relationship with NOSY was entirely positive.

Similarly, with the development of the website, we felt reassured at each stage that they were being listened to and understood due to the research that was being carried out by the web team to inform design decisions.

- Tracy Mikich, Co-Owner of Boojum & Snark

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