Richard Brimson

Senior Digital Designer

Richard is NOSY’s Senior Digital Designer, with a background in both traditional techniques and digital methodologies. Richard’s work has encompassed identities, user experience, and art direction.

Since March 2020, when Richard joined the company, he has focused on designing for the web, from simple and effective marketing pages, to deeper solutions involving bespoke CMS design, e-commerce, interaction design, and design systems.

Richard has brought his previous experiences to influence a variety of projects and enjoys collaborating with everyone at NOSY. He enjoys the wide range of skill-sets and cultures which in-turn inspires his creative process and keeps him learning.

Steering away from the traditional design background of university, Richard decided to pursue a career in a hands-on environment, working with local companies in marketing, building his foundational knowledge and learning new techniques.

Richard has worked as a Graphic Designer at Matrix Create, known for their work on the Isle of Wight Festival, where he designed the website and marketing collateral for 2016’s instalment. He also produced a new design language and brand system for ICRTouch as the in-house lead Designer, liaising with developers on best practices and learning more about web development.

Before joining NOSY, Richard worked in a freelance capacity with a variety of clients, most notably NPower, GoCompare, and to improve their user experience and B2B energy user journeys.

As well as being a regular squash and disc golf player, Richard also has a deep fascination with speciality coffee, experimenting with different coffee-making methods. Richard is also a keen reader, especially with his kids who have helped him to rekindle his love of classic literature; throughout 2020, he has read Alice in Wonderland at least 100 times!

Outside of these interests, Richard also enjoys learning more about history and psychology, as well as developing his knowledge around art and design. Richard experiments with creative coding, 3D, generative art, and photography, publishing his own creative expressions on his Instagram.

Richard Brimson

Senior Digital Designer

Richard BrimsonRichard Brimson


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