Products of Change

Products of Change has a plan…

Products Of Change (POC) are a collective community that is pushing for vast changes within the brand and licensing industry. Their mission is to shift the established traditions of the industry and surrounding sectors, with the aim of creating a more sustainable planet.


The values of POC resonated with NOSY, and we were excited to collaborate with them due to a shared commitment to our planet. They were seeking some assistance in the creation of a video that could boldly and impactfully deliver their brand manifesto, all within a short and punchy duration.

Our Approach

We started out with a discussion phase, in which we explored some reference material, and highlighted the key messages POC were looking to communicate. From this, we established an appropriate script with the client, whilst scouting for a fitting voiceover artist for the vocal delivery. Once the wording was nailed down, and the core audio delivery was received, the editing phase began.

The Solution

The production of this video took place in an entirely digital space, with all visuals being animation and text based. To begin, all branding assets were gathered, to establish any logo themes, text styling, and a colour palette. A collection of editing techniques were used that involved keyframing and asset creation, building layers and splicing various plugins to create a dense and dynamic text-based edit. An initial shorter segment of the video was produced, to establish the tone and direction for the full minute duration that would follow. Once discussed and approved with the client, the rest of the video was developed based on the established styling. We wanted the video to be particularly rhythmic, working in unison with the voiceover and visual flow, so the music was carefully selected early on. This was then finalised with some sound design to really bring the visuals to life, and any final tweaking and amendments were carried out. POC were very pleased with the final product, and it went live across their social networks shortly after.



Products of Change




Brand & Licensing Industry / Sustainability


Alex Benbow-Carter

Matt Greg

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