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Helping to deliver a net-zero future for every generation.

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We collaborated with 106 Comms as a technical partner to build a new website for Cero Generation, a multinational green-tech company.

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Cero specialises in the development of utility-scale solar PV projects, onsite generation and integrated storage. With 8.9 GW under development across 150 utility-scale projects, they’re home to one of the largest solar development portfolios in Europe.

We collaborated with design agency 106 Comms to build a new website showcasing Cero's latest projects and initiatives to help deliver a net-zero future, for this and every generation.

Our Approach

Starting with the concepts provided by 106 Comms, we had to undertake the next step by building the site inline with the UI designs, remaining consistent within Ceros' brand guidelines to realise their vision.

The Cero site specifications required the site to be slick, performant, provide internationalisation features for end users, and include a powerful multi-lingual content management system. Allowing the Cero team to communicate with its global audience effortlessly - empowering content authors to focus solely on creating content.

The Solution

NOSY created a fast, media-rich, mobile first website with support for multi-language content settings baked right in, using variable TypeKit fonts to accomdate international accents and characters.

The site allows Cero to:

  • post updates on its latest solar projects,
  • champion the teams collective talents and skills
  • increase Cero's reach for talent acquisition
  • serve as an initial contact point for lead generation

The site features a neat integration of Google Cloud Translation APIs, taking care of content language translation on-the-fly as a background service to deliver a seamless user experience with real-time translations that scale as Cero reaches new global markets.

The new Cero Generation site was launched in March 2022, we have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with 106 Comms to deliver the site for Cero and we love their eco ambitions to deliver a net-zero future for every generation.

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