Matt Greg

CEO / Strategist

Matt, known around the office as ‘Dad Joke Matt’, started at NOSY… sorry, started NOSY in September 2018. He began with the dream to build a company that gives its employees the experience and opportunities that he never (quite) received as an employee. The priority was always pursuing a constant ‘company culture improvement’.

When Alex [Watts] and Matt shared an office with Enchanted Isle, dressing as Batman and Spiderman to help pay the bills, he never imagined that NOSY would be where it is today. Three years later, NOSY employs 15 staff and works with amazing clients around the world.

Matt’s fire is fueled by the opportunities that NOSY has created for the people on the Isle of Wight, and he is not ready for the company to slow down.

With a continued fascination in space and what lies beyond our little blue dot, Matt trained hard between the ages of 12 and 18 to become an Astrophysicist. This however was put aside when he was persuaded to join a friend’s web design company, for a reason he still can’t put his finger on - a gut feeling perhaps?

At 19, Matt parted ways with that job though, taking with him the basics of web design and development, and joining the hospitality trade and meeting Alex. Their first exchange was when Matt asked Alex ‘what’s a shandy?’.

Matt worked to progress up the corporate ladder at the holiday park while studying Engineering via the Open University, learning other disciplines of digital marketing. These two experiences were fundamental to Matt’s career: learning people skills and how to work independently.

Shortly after his 21st birthday, Matt began working at Age UK as a Digital Inclusion Officer, helping the elderly to use technology, while simultaneously freelancing in web design and social media promotion. This gave Matt the confidence to eventually start NOSY.

Everything Matt knows about marketing is self-taught and, with no set frameworks installed in his subconscious, this leaves him open-minded and constantly hungry for new knowledge. Matt regularly spends several hours each week listening to marketing podcasts and carrying out online training and has implemented this principle across the rest of the NOSY team.

Being a CEO of a growing company doesn’t leave Matt much room for ‘side projects’, but Matt does work hard on developing his personal brand. His aim is to develop more video and blog content around marketing and pass on the knowledge we’re gaining through our journey at NOSY to the wider community.

After working as a Governor at the IOW College for several years, Matt would love to return to motivating the next generation into doing things they want to, not what their parents want them to.

Although Matt struggles to fit too much into his spare time, he does enjoy running, hiking, and weight training, and has practised a lot of different martial arts in the past; from boxing to judo, to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. With a familial connection to the literary world, a poet father and a novelist mother, Matt has always been surrounded by books, using reading as an escape. One day, he would even love to write a book!

Growing up as an immigrant who didn’t know any English, another escape from reality were RPG games, such as Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Witcher, and most recently Horizon Zero Dawn.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Matt recently undertook a skydive in 2020 despite a fear of flying and, because he couldn’t run, Matt began training and started running half-marathons. Matt aims to complete one big challenge each year - as if being a CEO at 24 isn’t enough...

Matt Greg

CEO / Strategist

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