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Zero Waste Maximum Taste

A recruitment video campaign that highlighted the vast amount of exciting opportunities and processes involved in the products of The Tomato Stall, sweeping through the journey from plant to plate.

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The Tomato Stall has been providing customers with the most flavourful and exciting varieties of tomatoes for over 15 years. Based on the Isle of Wight, the company champions ‘zero waste maximum taste’, ensuring all tomatoes are utilised no matter their shape or size.

The company has only grown since their humble beginnings, and with this growth has come an increase in opportunities within its team. Our mission was to cover the journey of the products from plant to plate, whilst showcasing the types of roles and processes involved. We aimed to attract both customers and those seeking new opportunities.

Our Approach

We approached the recruitment video concept in a more indirect fashion, with the goal of making the outcome visually exciting and inviting the viewer's intrigue as opposed to a talking head on-screen. We held an initial workshop with The Tomato Stall, followed by subsequent meetings to start shaping the concept. 

After breaking down the stages of a ‘tomatoes journey’, we noted the elements of each stage that would be both visually engaging whilst revealing the multiple roles involved, exploring environments such as the greenhouses, kitchens, and the distribution factory. Following a site recce, we prepared an outline of the shots we wanted to capture on the day and finalised project management arrangements.

The Solution

Equipped with a multicam setup and a drone for aerial shots, we visited the site to capture our footage. It was fantastic to delve into the food chain processes, and a highlight was getting suited up and shooting within one of the greenhouses. After filming we began the post-production phase, reviewing footage and starting to rough out an initial edit. This first draft was constructed and then colour graded accordingly. In the background, we also started to source a voiceover artist to deliver a script to accompany the visuals. This voiceover would go on to allow us to squeeze all our footage within the tight duration, whilst still delivering key information clearly. We shaped multiple versions of the video until finalising, and wrapped with any colour tweaking, sound design and dialogue work. Our final delivery was packaged with subtitled variations, along with reframed squared versions to be utilised on social media platforms.



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