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Use of sustainable materials can revolutionise the construction industry

NOSY partnered up with GRWN group to create a video business card that highlights their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry.

Behind the scenes photo of the NOSY team filming Nick Joyce of GRWN GroupBehind the scenes photo of the NOSY team filming Nick Joyce of GRWN Group

GRWN Group is a cleantech company focused on decarbonizing the built environment through the development of natural hemp based construction products. The construction industry is a major contributor to global carbon emissions and environmental degradation. Traditional materials like concrete and steel have a significant carbon footprint. GRWN Group recognized the need for sustainable alternatives that don't compromise quality or durability.

NOSY partnered with GRWN Group, to create a video business card showcasing the impact of the construction industry and what they are doing to tackle the issue. We held a meeting with Nick, founder of GRWN group and discussed his business, his products and plans for the future.

NOSY worked with Nick to develop a script and storyboard for the video, after input from the videographers we were able to create something that was impactful and sustainability focused. The aim was to showcase the innovation at the GRWN group, exploring the story of the company whilst explaining the importance of environmental impact.

On the day of the filming, Laurence alongside Francis and Matt shot Nick across several locations. It was perfect weather for it, catching some great aerial shots and photography to go hand in hand with the final video business card.

The video went through the editing process with a quick turn around, we had also created a blooper reel for the client, which was well received. Nick was very happy with the finished product and had since received lots of positive feedback from his network.

Close-up of drone capturing footage for GRWN GroupClose-up of drone capturing footage for GRWN GroupNick Joyce of GRWN Group handling materialsNick Joyce of GRWN Group handling materialsGRWN Group working collaborativelyGRWN Group working collaboratively


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